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Meet Lynn

Does any of this sound familiar?

Story of Business: Sabotage

Story of Health: Overweight & Heart Attack

Story of Adoption: I Was Unwanted

Is it time to change YOUR story?

  • Gain confidence
  • Improve attractiveness
  • Reduce and eliminate social awkwardness
  • Relax and reduce stress
  • Feel sexy and alive
  • Break out of old habits and patterns
  • Release inhibitions at will
  • Attract the kind of person you desire
  • Move past hurdles to your intimacy
  • Create the best environment for erotic exploration


Let me use RTT to get into your subconscious, extract your limiting belief, and replace it with the new empowering belief: I am Worthy. I am Lovable. I am Enough.

Why RTT?

As much I think, therapy is wonderful and necessary for some; it can be costly, as a client focuses on their problem week after week. A “talk” therapist will let the client talk a lot about how they don’t want to be. They’ll let them spend a long time talking about their symptoms, understandably. The client will say, “I wish I didn’t do that, and if only that didn’t happen, and I’m really exhausted with doing this.” A great therapist has got to move through to, “what do you want?” rather than talking about how you don’t want to be, which is so important.


Hypnotherapy really hones in quickly on the solution on how you want to be. How you want your life to be…

RTT is the best of both worlds, with rapid results.

RTT hypnotherapy gets to the cause, root, and reason for a limiting belief (anxiety, depression, money blocks, relationships, confidence, etc); extracts that belief in the subconscious; and replaces it with the new empowering belief; thus, changing the results of your life.


Many times negative thoughts play on an automatic loop in your subconscious. When you immerse yourself in your subconscious, you interrupt those thoughts, break the negative cycle, and rewire new positive thoughts.

Hypnotherapy is the only way to access your subconscious and change the results of your life. My specialities are depression, anxiety, and lack of confidence. You are not your depression or anxiety. You are a person who is feeling depressed or anxious.

You can have abundance, love, money, the relationship of your dreams, a beautiful body, even pregnancy. It doesn’t matter what your problem is, they all manifest from the same core issue… not believing you deserve LOVE or not believing you are ENOUGH.


Let me use RTT to get into your subconscious, extract your limiting belief, and replace it with the new empowering belief: I am Worthy. I am Lovable. I am Enough.  Let’s transform you; so you can live the life you are meant to live! I am passionate about this ground breaking transformational hypnotherapy!!


I am passionate about you! Hypnosis is the quickest way to spread love and healing to more people and create more lasting change in the world. It is an honor that you’re here.


Meet Lynn

Lynn is truly a Renaissance Woman; Entrepreneur, Master Hypnotist & Transformational Travel Expert.


For the past 21 years she has specialized in teaching couples how to use travel experience to make their relationship stronger.


A life path full of adventure has brought Lynn full circle to share a message she is passionate about. She combines her skills as a hypnotist with her world wide experiences.


Lynn is a nationally acclaimed presenter and educator. Topic of expertise included subjects that range from helping new couples find their way to happiness in the lifestyle to wilder kinkier topics.


She is the founder of 3 unique travel brands: Discount-all-inclusive.com offers Caribbean all inclusive resort vacations at a discount, Transformational Travel plans travel events and retreats for top transformational leaders, and her Sexy Adults Only Cruise business helps thousands of couples each year rediscover themselves thru travel.


By combining her training and her real life experience, she has become a guide for you.

Lynn is a certified hypnotherapist who specializes in transformation through with her unique process of Mind - Body - Spirit Integrated Training.


Her signature workshops, the “Amrita Awakening” & “Amrita Experience”, use transformational hypnotic techniques and guided meditation to create deeper connection to their pleasure and that of their partner.  Lynn has shared these workshops with couples worldwide, and has been featured in retreats as far away as Siem Reap, Cambodia.


Lynn Olivari superpower is an intuitive view into what is holding an individual back and finding simple solutions to removing those barriers. 


She has a bachelors of science degree from the University of Iowa and is a Masters Candidate in Psychology from Aurora University. 


NGH Hypnotherapist

Certified Transformational Coach

RTT Practitioner

Project Adventure Facilitator Trainer


CTC Certified Transformational Coach, 

National Guild of Hypnotist Certified Practitioner, 

Certified Canfield Trainer in The Success Principles 

RTT - Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner, Marissa Peer Method


BA University of Iowa

Post Graduate studies Aurora University



Cruise Ships

Couples education


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