Happy. Successful. Healthy. Fulfilled.


It was fabulous to find a ‘lifestyle friendly’ therapist who could work with issues around arousal and orgasm. No shame, no guilt trip. After one hypnotherapy session with Lynn I was able to reach orgasm with another woman. (This was a hidden road block for me.) Truly wonderful to have such a relaxed and positive experience.

Ken S

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

I owe you a lot! I honestly wasn’t sure that it would work so easily or at all. Even my thinking in general has changed. The reason I came to see you was related to sexual performance but the outcome changed every area of my life!


Newtown, PA

There was that one suggestion in the custom recording… ‘That when I make this change change for the better, the people around me will be inspired to change for the better too!’  My wife, my kids, even my employees at my shop are all feeling the benefit.  They never saw me as ‘Not Enough’ but we are all enjoying the upgrade.


San Diego, CA

9 months ago I stopped smoking after 35 years. I was a 2 pack a day guy. In one session I quit and really don’t ever have the urge. I’m an electrician so I work around a lot of cavemen. Most of them smoke. I have not smoked one cigarette, even after the few drinks of Jack Daniels. The audio is amazing and a great stay on point tool.


Cleveland, OH

When I started I was not in a positive mindset. I was sure I would NEVER feel good enough.  I had it set in my mind that nothing would ever work.  Lynn helped me relax and get in the right mindset. And the rest just flowed.

Brandi, Dallas, TX

This was the most emotional, amazing process I’ve ever been a part of. I have not ever gone a day without a cigarette since age 4. The session was amazing to me. The urge want isn’t even there. I so owe you so much, I honestly am amazed.


Indianapolis, IN


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Meet Lynn


Lynn is a certified hypnotherapist who specializes in transformation through with her unique process of Mind - Body - Spirit Integrated Training.


Her signature workshops, the “Amrita Awakening” & “Amrita Experience”, use transformational hypnotic techniques and guided meditation to create deeper connection to their pleasure and that of their partner.  Lynn has shared these workshops with couples worldwide, and has been featured in retreats as far away as Siem Reap, Cambodia.


Lynn Olivari superpower is an intuitive view into what is holding an individual back and finding simple solutions to removing those barriers.


A life path full of adventure has brought Lynn full circle to share a message she is passionate about. She combines her skills as a hypnotist with her worldwide experiences. Lynn is a National Guild of Hypnotists board certified Hypnotherapist.


Lynn is a nationally acclaimed presenter and educator. Topic of expertise included subjects that range from helping new couples find their way to happiness to wilder kinkier topics. Creating the Feel Sexy Now Hypnotists program is part of her passion for helping others enjoy a better life now.

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