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Meet Lynn


Lynn is a certified hypnotherapist who specializes in transformation through with her unique process of Mind - Body - Spirit Integrated Training.


Her signature workshops, the “Amrita Awakening” & “Amrita Experience”, use transformational hypnotic techniques and guided meditation to create deeper connection to their pleasure and that of their partner.  Lynn has shared these workshops with couples worldwide, and has been featured in retreats as far away as Siem Reap, Cambodia.


Lynn Olivari superpower is an intuitive view into what is holding an individual back and finding simple solutions to removing those barriers.


A life path full of adventure has brought Lynn full circle to share a message she is passionate about. She combines her skills as a hypnotist with her worldwide experiences. Lynn is a National Guild of Hypnotists board certified Hypnotherapist.


Lynn is a nationally acclaimed presenter and educator. Topic of expertise included subjects that range from helping new couples find their way to happiness to wilder kinkier topics. Creating the Feel Sexy Now Hypnotists program is part of her passion for helping others enjoy a better life now.

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