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Unlock Your Body Transformation Code is a 6 session group program combining hypnosis, coaching and your personal intentions to carry you through a step-by-step journey.

This year I used hypnosis to unlock my personal body code and I feel really healthy.

It's uncomfortable for me to admit how I was last year, but a picture is worth 1000 words.

Unlock Your Body Transformation Code

Inside I already knew what I was supposed to do to feel the energy and health I wanted.  I didn't really need a diet trick or a fitness hack or more 'how to' education.


What I figured out is to stop fighting myself.  I stopped letting old programs run the show. 


I healed what was inside my mind, and my health responded.


I'm offering this training to a small group. Read on for the detailed information.

Happy, Successful, Healthy and Fulfilled.

If that feels like a bit of a puzzle, I have one of the missing pieces.


I can help you Unlock Your Body Transformation Code.


Here is the premise: Changes to your body and health can happen gracefully when your mind and body - your thoughts and feelings - are aligned for the same purpose.


You already know how to have the healthy body you want.


It's not that you need to learn more information.  Most people just need help integrating the knowledge they already have into their lives. 


This program will help you evolve that knowledge into a way of being.  So you can truly be that healthier version of yourself.


This program is based on my successful Rapid Transformation Hypnotherapy sessions (RTT).
It is designed to get your conscious and subconscious mind working in agreement for your body's success.

This investment in yourself will help you Unlock Your Body Transformation Code.


Here is what you can achieve:

  • Discover your optimal health and align with how you were meant to be

  • This program makes your eating and exercise program WORK

  • Understand what drives your efforts. How do you success? Can you sustain that success?

  • Change can be easy when your conscious and subconscious minds both want the same thing.

  • Eliminate your blocks. Permanently End any ‘yo-yo cycles’

  • The past year has felt heavy for a lot of people.  We are going to start this program with releasing that emotional weight along with any feelings about things that are personally heavy for you.

What Does a Trance Training Feel Like?

This is all very safe and supportive.  Trance training with hypnotherapy is like listening to a meditation. You use earbuds, get in a relaxed position and allow your mind to drift as you follow the instructions.  


The content of the session helps your brain to rewire old thoughts to new ones that support your desired outcome. You will remember all parts of the sessions.  There are no weird surprises and you will not be instructed to do anything you might feel uncomfortable about.


Lynn is an expert hypnotherapist with thousands of successful clients. She will guide you through the thoughts that will help you achieve all of the program outcomes.

"When I started I was not in a positive mindset. I was sure I would NEVER feel good enough.  I had it set in my mind that nothing would ever work.  Lynn helped me relax and get in the right mindset. And the rest just flowed."
Brandi, Dallas, TX

There was that one suggestion in the recording… ‘That when I make this change change for the better, the people around me will be inspired to change for the better too!’  My wife, my kids, even my employees at my shop are all feeling the benefit.

Mark, San Diego, CA

"When I signed up 3 months ago I wanted to get back down to my ideal weight.  I went from 158 lbs to 136 lbs with no gym time or crazy workout routine. Thank you for helping me find a more simple understanding and the make my method just flow with ease. I'm celebrating my new way of thinking and buying my new body a bikini for summer!!!"
Jamie, Los Angeles CA

These sessions are incredible! I have been able to visualize doing things and it feels so real, like personal... When we got to working on my heart area, I had all sort of things from the past; mistakes, bad choices and things I didn't even know were still in my mind or effecting my health.  They were released, I felt myself spinning and like a whirlwind with my hair flowing around my body and I felt FREE... really truly free! It was amazing!

Rebecca, Chicago IL


6 sessions 

Tuesdays from 7:00 - 8:30 pm 

April 20 - June 15, 2021

Master Key Level: $497

Session Dates:

April 20, May 4, May 11, May 18, June 1, June 15


The course work will be presented live via Zoom - session 1 is pre-recorded.

  • Sessions are scheduled live on Zoom Tuesdays at 7:00-8:30 pm EST

  • Recordings will be available for all sessions if you are unable to attend the live session.

  • Worksheets in membership portal and downloadable hypnotherapy trance training audios.

  • Master Key Level includes 4 x personal 1:1 coaching sessions.

What will happen in a Session:

  • Integration, Q&A, Big Wins & Exciting Challenges: 10-20 minutes

  • New Topic Instruction: 10 - 20 minutes 

  • Guided hypnotherapy trance training session: 30 - 45 minutes 

  • Integration 5-15 minutes

Session Progress: from learning, to doing, to being. 

Phase 1

Introduction. Up to 21 days designed to build the foundations you need for sustained success.

Welcome video, Workbook and trance training audio session.

Phase 2

Here is where we take a deep dive into removing inner resistance and aligning your subconscious resources with conscious desires.
3 weekly live training sessions (sessions 2, 3 & 4) followed by 14 days of practice.

Phase 3

Because by now you are already seeing the benefits from beginning this work, here is where we begin integrating those changes as your new normal - so there's no uphill battle anymore, it just comes naturally.  Live training (session 5) followed by 14 days of practice.

Graduation Session

Summer Emergence - celebration of success and commitment to your full transformation.  (Session 6) Here is where we bring it all together, the end of the runway where you get to take off into your future feeling empowered and in love with your body.




Open Enrollment Begins April 20, 2021

Session 1: Welcome Recording & Introductory Session

  • Personal reflection and realistic goal/ intention setting.

  • Learning to fit your style

    • Introspective - If you love self-reflection and journaling.

    • Action Orientation -  if ‘just do it’ is your motto 

  • Program kicks off as soon as you are ready in Spring 2021.

  • Track your progress - Rating scales

May 4, 2021

Session 2: Clearing Old Patterns

This is where the rubber meets the road.  We will look at what’s going right and what is not working for you.  Then, hurray! We are going to just let the old shit go. 

This hypnotherapy session will start clearing and releasing the old patterns that lead you to self sabotage.

May 11, 2021

Session 3: Discover The Root Cause

We will go deep into understanding why diets have failed in the past, why your old ‘habits’ used to win and what you can do to change that forever.  In this session we will use hypnosis to discover exactly what the root cause to your beliefs are.

We recommend scheduling your one included coaching session after this session to assist with integration on this deeply therapeutic process.

May 18, 2021

Session 4: Partnering With Your Body for Health

Conscious mind, subconscious mind and body all working towards the same goal.


This is the reprogramming session.  There are 4 downloadable reinforcement audios each addressing different ways to partner with your body for the ultimate success: Partnering, Reinforcing Very Low Calorie Programs, Reinforcing Weight Training, Reinforcing Aerobic Exercise. 

June 1, 2021

Session 5: Reboot Your Commitment

Recalibrate your personal alignment.  

This process makes sure you are feeling ease as you move through your transformation.

June 15, 2021

Session 6: Summer Emergence

Celebration of success and commitment to your full transformation.

How the Sessions Will Run?

We have 6 group sessions. Each will combine hypnosis and personal intention to carry us through the step-by-step journey. 


Because this is live training, we have the opportunity to address any questions or challenges, as well as sharing insights and wins from the program - each session will flexibly follow this outline.

  • Integration, Q&A, Big Wins & Exciting Challenges: 10-20 minutes

  • New Topic Instruction: 10 - 20 minutes 

  • Guided hypnotherapy trance training session: 30 - 45 minutes 

  • Integration 5-15 minutes

If you can't make it to the live session due to time zones, you will receive lifetime access to the edited recordings within 24 hours.


Each session will be accompanied by instruction, practical guidance and exercises you can do to bring the benefits of your inner work throughout your life so you can SEE the results of what we’re doing.


As a part of the program each participant will receive a 1:1 laser coaching session with me (usually $50) to consolidate learning & work through any challenges or obstacles, on top of unlimited access over whatsapp for the duration of the program.


April 20, 2021

Tuesdays from 7:00pm - 8:30pm EST


"I did the 'Partner with you Body for Health' trance last night and it was exactly what I needed.  This program is really a treasure chest of resources.  I love having all the recordings to back up the live sessions. After being in a very dark/lonely/hopeless place I realized I had the tools to feel better without my damaging eating habits I'd used in the past. I haven't made unrealistic expectations of myself now in weeks! 

Danielle, Temecula CA

This program turned into a true celebration of my life and an incredible healing. I began with the idea of improving my physical abilities. With Lynn's encouragements I focused on what I wanted to accomplish instead of the limitations of recovery (from a spinal injury)  My life changed, it was just a priority shift, but that decision made the impact I needed.

Sondra, Bowie, MD

I sold my home and had to move across the country during the middle of this program.  The suggestions stayed with me like MAGIC! I didn't fall into those old binging habits when the stress came.   And there was so much stress in that move! I didn't even feel the desire to buy the old foods I used to binge on!

Trixie, Phoenix AZ

I didn't know how useful 'trance training' would be.  I've been able to use that technique to make my diet program work... but I've also changed so many of my bad habits with absolute ease.  And I love the sound of your voice too!  I could listen forever!  Honestly am amazed and plan to sign up again because it's so good.

Bill, Atlantic City, NJ

Meet Lynn

Lynn is a nationally acclaimed presenter and educator. Mind-Body Connection is her area of expertise and that applies to a wide range of subjects from optimizing your body performance, alleviating stress and anxiety, to enhanced sensuality and sexual performance.

By combining her training and her real life experience, she has become a guide for you.


Her superpower is an intuitive view - as if she can see right into someone and know what is holding them back. And the good news is she also sees simple solutions to removing those barriers.


Lynn is a Master Hypnotist and Certified Hypnotherapist specializing in Rapid Transformation.

Her signature workshops, the “Amrita Awakening” & “Amrita Experience”, use transformational hypnotic techniques and guided meditation to create deeper connection to their pleasure and that of their partner.  Lynn has shared these workshops with couples worldwide, and has been featured in retreats as far away as Siem Reap, Cambodia.


She has a bachelors of science degree from the University of Iowa and is a Masters Candidate in Psychology from Aurora University.

CTC Certified Transformational Coach
National Guild of Hypnotist Certified Practitioner - Hypnotherapist
RTT - Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner, Marisa Peer Method


BA University of Iowa
Post Graduate studies Aurora University

Speaking - Event Facilitation
Cruise Ships - Resorts
Couples Education

Frequently Asked Questions

What does hypnosis feel like?

Can I get ‘stuck’ in hypnosis?

How does it work?

What if I cannot attend live?

No worries. All sessions will be recorded and you will receive the replay.

Refund Policy: Due to the digital nature of this program, and the fact that digital content can't be returned, this program is non-refundable. To date, we have never had a refund request and feel confident that we've laid out everything you get in the description above. Please read the details and description so you understand exactly what you are buying. We're completely invested in making sure you have the best experience possible, so please email us with any questions and we will always give you an honest answer so you can make the best decision for you. We're happy to answer any questions.

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